Item Grouping

Updated: 30.07.2019

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Item Grouping

Updated: 30.07.2019



With the help of the item groups you can structure your items and filter item lists for a better overview.


When you create item groups, check carefully which criteria you use to structure your item stock, because later changes to item groups often require laborious reworking of the individual items that are affected by the change to the item groups.


The example provided in the basic installation shows, for example, how to structure watches. The level of structuring depends entirely on your needs.


For the item numbers, eXtra4winIII recommends a structuring of the items with up to four levels.


1. Level


  Describes the so-called main group of items, which could be structured as follows as an example:


  1 = Clocks

  2 = Rings

  3 = Chains

  4 = Brooches

  5 = Ear jewellery

  6 = Arm jewellery



  Depending on the product orientation of your business, other main groups can also be formed accordingly.



2. Level


   Is the first subgroup of the main groups and could look like this


   11 = Watches - Men

   12 = Watches - Ladies

   13 = Watches - Children

   14 = Watches - Alarm clocks

   15 = Watches - large watches



3. Level


   Subdivides a further level which could be structured as follows


   111 = Watches - Men - Manual winding

   112 = Watches - Men - Automatic

   113 = Watches - Men - Quartz



4. Level


  The last outline level again as an example


  1111 = Watches - Men - Manual winding - Leather bracelet

  1112 = Watches - Men - Manual winding - Steel bracelet

  1113 = Watches - Men - Manual winding - Titanium bracelet



The classification presented here is only indicative and therefore not mandatory. You can always bring in your own ideas of structuring here.



Important note


Take your time to structure the product groups! Subsequent reorganizations of the goods classification are usually associated with considerable expenditure of time and cause great confusion.