First Steps

Updated:  30.07.2019

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First Steps

Updated:  30.07.2019


1. Installation of the eXtra4winIII-Software


At you can request the download of the eXtra4winIII-Setup.


You will receive the download address for eXtra4<winIII> from us and download the installation file > eXtra4winIII_setup.exe <.


You can usually find the file in the download area of Windows Explorer.


Double-click the installation program and follow the on-screen instructions.


After successful installation you will find the icon "eXtra4winIII" on the desktop to start the software.





2. Installing the printer drivers


Please go to > Help < in this program under Support in the FAQ section.






There you will find all further information about the installation of printer drivers.




We have the information on installing printer drivers available here on the Internet.

We are constantly updating the FAQ area to be able to react to any new features in the Windows version.





3. Configuration of eXtra4winIII






b) Select layout