Edition Basic

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Edition Basic



Purpose of use

Compared to the Lite editions, BASIC is distinguished by the addition of the SQLite single-user database for managing labels, item groups and addresses.

item groups in up to 4 hierarchy levels can be used to automatically assign article numbers when new items are created.

In addition to the label data, a memo field for description texts and an image field for storing small images (thumbnails) are available for quick identification of the items.

Thus the Edition Basic can be regarded as the first introduction to item management.


System requirements

Windows 7 / 8 / 10

MacOS 10.x  with CrossOver

Linux with CrossOver

Printers connectable




Max. number of labels print quantity



Single-user database (SQLite)

- label management

- item groups

- addresses


Support units

10 units (1 hour) included in the purchase price


149,- € (plus VAT) - can be acquired with the purchase of a printer as a discounted starter package.