Edition Advanced

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Edition Advanced



Purpose of use


The "Advanced" edition extends the simple label database of the "Basic" edition by a large number of freely definable fields in order to manage additional item data such as supplier, purchase price, supplier item number and much more.

In addition, article inventories can be managed by bookings. On the basis of an inventory entry, a final inventory can be carried out and printed out.

As of this edition, the use of a barcode scanner is also recommended.

The "Advanced" edition is the first step towards a small inventory management system.

System requirements

Windows 7 / 8 / 10

MacOS 10.x  with CrossOver

Linux with CrossOver

Printers connectable


Max. Label-Layouts


Max. number of labels print quantity


Database functions

Single-user database (SQLite)

- item management (Enhanced)

- item groups

- containers (shops, showcases, counters etc.)

- addresses

- inventory management

Support units

17 units (1,7 hours) included in the purchase price


249,- € (plus VAT)