Structure Item Groups

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Structure Item Groups



We recommend using an 8-digit number for the item number. For 300dpi printers, 12-digit article numbers are also possible. The longer the item number, the more complicated it is to enter the item number by hand. At the same time, the length of the item number also increases the error frequency when entering the number.


We therefore recommend using as few numeric digits as possible in order to be able to print the item number later as a barcode with reliable legibility.


By using 8-digit article numbers you are able, as the following example shows, to organize even a very large stock clearly:


If article numbers are to be assigned automatically by the software, 4-digit article groups should be created in the item group administration.




Item no. digits: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Digit: 1                you can use to distinguish between the main groups

                 1 = Rings

                 2 = Chaines

                 3 = Watches .....



Digit:: 2                Specifies the type of main groups, for example, for

                 Rings (1xxx)

                 1 = Wedding rings

                 2 = Brillant rings

                 3 = Gemstone rings

                 4 = Children rings

                 5 = .....


Digit: 3                Further subdivision e.g. for

                 Gemstone Rings (13xx)

                 1 = Ruby Rings

                 2 = Safir rings

                 3 = Emerald rings

                 4 = Stone combinations ....

                 5 = ....


Digit: 4                e.g. qualities (up to 10 qualities can be displayed with one digit)

                 1 = 8 ct

                 2 = 9 ct

                 3 = 14 ct

                 4 = 18 ct

                 5 = 22 ct

                 6 = Silver 835 ....


Digit: 5 6 7 8        is a sequential number beginning with 001 to 9999.



The numbering shown is only a possible outline of the item number. You can change the hierarchy at any time to suit your requirements.




When structuring your assortment, allow yourself the time necessary for a careful implementation. Subsequent changes to this structure are very difficult.


Please also bear in mind that if you use an item key, you will have sufficient flexibility for future expansion of your range.