Activate Software

Updated:  30.07.2019

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Activate Software

Updated:  30.07.2019


For this you need the license document. You will find it in the documents enclosed with your software package or it has been sent to you by eXtra4 support.

Please start with < software activation > at step 1.


1. Select > Software activation < from the Help menu of the program


Aktivierung auswaehlen_EN




2. Enter your license number and your user code in the fields provided in the window that opens.


You will find this information on your license document.


Please keep the license document in a safe place, because the data there gives you access to further services for this software..






3. Confirm your entry by clicking on the activation bar





4. With the confirmation of the activation, the data of the software edition you have purchased will appear in the corresponding windows of the form.

   At the same time a message about successful activation will appear in a separate window.


Bestaetigung Aktivierung


5. Confirm the program message about the activation by clicking on the OK button.





Now you have successfully completed the activation.

Now you have unlimited access to our software in the edition of your choice and you can start printing labels in the way you want.


In addition, we have activated a trial edition for you. This gives you the opportunity to fully test the program for a period of 2 months.

Perhaps you will discover new ways that will make your work even easier. You are also welcome to upgrade your software edition at a later date.

Contact us - we will be happy to assist you!