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The new third generation of our labelling software eXtra4<winIII> brings many new features to our labelling software.

In addition, a large number of new ideas are already waiting to be realized in the expected software updates of our third version.


Nevertheless, we have remained true to our motto "KISS" (Keep It Stupid Simple) and have only made the new functions visible where the advanced user needs them. We were even able to simplify some functions.


Is an update required? For whom is it worthwhile?


If you are already using the predecessor version eXtra4/2 and can thus cover all requirements of your labeling needs, an update is not absolutely necessary. The previous version eXtra4/2 runs on all current Windows operating systems (maintained by Microsoft) and will continue to be maintained by us. This means that any errors that may still be present will be eliminated and adaptations to new Windows versions will be carried out as far as possible.

However, new functions are no longer included.



Editions instead of PlugIns


Up until now, we have packed the various functions that go beyond labelling into so-called "plug-ins", which could be purchased as required.


Due to the multitude of additional functions, this concept is no longer possible and so we decided to divide the functions into a hierarchy, which can now be expressed in different editions.  The editions enable the step-by-step growth from the simplest label printing to warehouse management, transaction processing and much more. See also the Comparison matrix of the editions.



Simplifications during installation


- Simple activation and test editions via the cloud



New Database


The widely used SQLite database is used for the "Lite", "Basic" and "Advanced" editions, which are designed as single-user systems. This means that all label and items data are stored in a single file. This makes data backup much easier.


Starting with the "Business" version, real client/server databases are used. Either the free PostgreSQL database, which can also be used in the cloud, or the popular Microsoft SQL Server, which is free in the Express version and makes it easier to use the data with other systems such as Office or the like.

We will be glad to discuss with you which database is the most suitable for you based on your requirements.



New features


- Connection of a cash register system (LaCash)

- Mapping of simple processes



In preparation



- Administration of branches (locations)